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Thank you for taking the time to travel to Quit Smoking Weed Help and congratulations!

Congratulations for what? Well, for being awesome, of course! Congratulations mostly for deciding to educate yourself on, if not detoxify your body of, marijuana! It can seem tough to let go of some things we love, but if you've come this far, you've learned that sometimes it really is for the betterment of our whole selves!

Since you've spent so much time reading what we have to say, you'd probably like to know a little more about the people behind the mask! The majority of us would like to remain anonymous so as not to be universally known as ex-addicts instead of current creators, but we

The main reason we've created this site for quit smoking weed help is for your privacy and pride. We have pride and wish for privacy in our personal lives, just like most human beings (and animals, too!).

With a substance like marijuana, receiving legitimate "help" can be difficult. Most people don't take the fact that "addicts" are usually just normal people with addictive personalities. So we tend to like the things we like a little too much. Just because it can be helpful doesn't mean it can't be harmful! We've learned a lot about dependency together, now we're ready to share with you why some of us decided to stop being dependent on marijuana for our happiness.

Honestly, the only reason I even decided to quit smoking weed in the first place was because I got arrested for possession with intent to sell.

It was my very first legal offense, but marijuana use is highly frowned upon where I live. I was booked. I was working for a company that didn't understand or tolerate the reason for my sudden absence. I only had to stay in a cell for 12 hours before being bailed out by my parents. They didn't offer anymore help, which I understood. They weren't very happy with me then, but I was so grateful for the extra time they bought me.

The charges were going to be great enough that I would need to serve a few months up to a year's time. I didn't know what to do, because I knew my parents wouldn't support a freshly-released felon if I went to jail. The night I was bonded out, I went to my best friend's house to get high since my weed got taken, you know.

He was formerly addicted to smack, so he was glad to give me a joint and a shoulder to lean on. After hours of conversation and contemplation, we parted ways. My mind weighed heavy, but I had decided to spend most of the money I had in savings on a good lawyer. Ends up, this lawyer was so good I wouldn't have to serve any time if I could stay clean for two years on probation. The final court date on which the decision would be made was pushed back thanks to him, as well.

This gave me ample time to do my research! I searched every quick tip and trick there was on how to pee clean while chronically smoking. They didn't seem quick or efficient enough, until I came across the Quit Weed program. The reviews were mostly positive and the comments said that you could pee clean after going through with it.

I gave it a try, and here I am today. I served my two years of sober probation and I continue to be sober now. You know how much more you can smell and feel when you aren't always in a daze? It's kind of crazy!

- Tyson, Personal Trainer

I've always loved weed. I've been known as a pot-loving repair guy for more years than I have fingers. I don't believe there's a thing wrong with enjoying a good joint with your best friend every once in a while. I didn't used to believe there was anything wrong with enjoying it every day, though.

I have a child, a few furry pups, and an incredible wife. I love them almost as much as I love cars! [laughs]

All jokes aside, after 20-or-so years of getting high, I started waking up and having to clear my throat. The first time I experienced that was unusual because I'd never smoked a cigarette a day in my life! My dog even yelped. If that wasn't enough, I started getting grumpy anytime my special container was empty.

One day, when I had the day off work, my daughter was in school and my wife came home early. I figured she didn't feel well and stretched out on the couch. (I had just smoked for the third time that day). She came back in the room wearing the most spectacular [and intimate] get-up I'd ever seen her in. She clearly was wanting to take advantage of this alone time we had, and boy was I excited! Or so I thought...

She came over to [clears throat] do the thing I love, looking beautiful as ever, and I couldn't rise to the occasion. I was feeling it, but my body wasn't reacting. She never said another word and days passed, weeks or months, even. You know what I didn't realize during that time that had passed? I never tried to redeem myself. Not that she made me feel guilty, she's too kind for that. She just didn't try to seduce me again and I realized later that I never even made one move on her for the longest time.

Having had a passionate marriage with the woman I've loved for decades, the alarm finally rang in my head that something wasn't right. 'Why haven't I been feeling...that way' is what I kept asking myself.

I cut out certain foods and drinks in an attempt to help our "situation" and saw no results in that department. I broke down and called my wife into our bedroom one evening. After a failed attempt to even "get in the mood," I grew frantic and explained my confusion to her.

Being the kind woman she is, she said she had known something was holding me back and didn't hold it against me. She dragged me to the computer desk and searched "causes of loss in sex drive" and we read, and read, and read, and read.

None of those reasons resonated with me. Until she found one that mentioned chronic weed smoking being tied to a lack of drive. My ears perked up when she said 'honey, you still get high, don't you?' What she followed that sentence with changed my life forever.

We decided it was time, since I was coughing more often and unable to show desire for my wife, for me to toss my papers. I sure as heck didn't want to imagine life without weed immediately, so she took the liberty of finding and ordering the Quit Weed program for me.

I enjoyed my last bag two days before we received the product. I was ready for a cure or ready to rage, one or the other. I dedicated myself to fulfilling my duties as a husband to my wife and stuck with the program. I haven't taken another puff out of a pipe since then!

My wife, daughter, pets, and I go on a lot of hikes now. My wife leaves work early a little more often. We have fun and feel young together again. If I didn't know better, I'd think I was a studly 30-year-old again! It's amazing what great things can come from such small sacrifices sometimes, and I'll stand by this product until I can no longer stand!

- Jerry B., Auto Body Mechanic

"I grew up in a small, rural town. I loved playing the piano, but it didn't make me happy enough. I'm an artist, too, you know. I painted, drew, and doodled fairly often, but I didn't feel occupied enough. Sports just weren't my thing. I had a pretty cool job at a place I loved. My parents were never overly mean to me or anything. I was single, by choice, so I was confident. My grades were great and I had no problem getting into my community college.

As I aged, I dabbled with pot here and there. I didn't frequently smoke until I was 18, though. At first, it was just something fun to mess around with. Then, I noticed there were fewer and fewer days between each of my smoke sessions.

By my second year of college, I had started smoking by myself. Not only did I start smoking alone, but it became typical to have five or more 'smoke breaks' throughout my day. I quit creating music and art and devoted my free time to learning how to blow out 'dope' smoke rings and make gravity bongs out of everything.

I started slipping out of class early because I got too distracted. I eventually quit going altogether and dropped out. At first, I was thrilled because I didn't have to stress. My parents thought I was just depressed and took me in willingly. The days passed and I smoked more and more.

It wasn't long after dropping out that I realized I had no more drive. I called out of work all the time; I slept (on and off) for 14 or so hours any chance I could. Then the real storm rolled in.

I lost my job and desire to live. The worst part? Nothing traumatic had happened to me, recently or in the past! I had no reason to dislike life that much, and it began to bother me, finally.

I was down to my last hundred bucks and my parents were no longer happy to let me loaf around the house all day. I knew I needed a new reason to live. My first reaction was to dial my weed guy, which I almost went through with. Halfway through dialing his number, I wondered if I had a problem.

I got online. I went to my favorite forum and posted a topic asking if weed causes or helps depression. I found that I had grown too fond of the happiness I found in the act of smoking. Other people were feeling the same way and raving about a product that helped cleanse their bodies as well as their minds... in the privacy of their own homes! How great is that? I hate admitting I have an issue, temporary or not.

Anyway, I read a little more and eventually found a link to your website. After detoxing my body and my mind with the Quit Weed program, I have passion again! I thought I'd never live down not completing college, but I'm a manager at my favorite restaurant now! I realized I was my biggest problem and the product you sell was the best purchase I've made to this day. I didn't realize depression could settle so deeply or happen for no apparent reason before.

I now have a routine set up to stay focused and busy and I accomplish so much and feel so proud at the end of each day. I don't even have the urge to smoke anymore and can hang out with my friends that do! I love you all and your product! Self-empowerment is really key! Thank you!

- Cassandra, Restaurant Manager