How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?

how long is marijuana in your system weed

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How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?
how long is marijuana in your system thc

If you’re frantically searching for an answer because you have gotten high recently and need to pass a drug test, there’s a marijuana drug test calculator available online to help you figure out when your body should be clean, naturally. If you’re not in a rush and willing to read, we’re going to figure out how long new users and chronic weed smokers can expect THC to remain in their systems.

What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol. It’s the chemical that affects the already-existing cannabinoids in our brains. When THC clings to those receptors in our brains, a lot is affected. Our memory, coordination, movements, thoughts, and perception of time all become affected by THC’s presence. This is why it can be dangerous for high people to operate vehicles or heavy machinery. THC is also known to increase appetites as well as for decreasing pain levels, as it directly affects all forms of pleasure we understand.

THC instructs our brains to release levels of dopamine that make us feel quite happy. That’s why you’ll see many marijuana users laughing continuously. Our senses are affected by THC, as well. We’re usually more sensitive to physical touch, sights, and sounds. We can usually smell and taste things incredibly well under the influence of ganja, too!

The biggest downfall smoking THC has to offer is the fact that it can trigger worsening symptoms of mental illness. Particularly, schizophrenia. You may also feel like you’ve sobered up after an hour, but the psychoactive effects of THC can last for 3 or more hours! So really, don’t drive while you’re high!

THC extracts can offer relief to those suffering from intense nausea and vomiting, which is the best medicinal benefit of marijuana for patients suffering from severe illnesses or diseases.

Hemp has a super-small amount of THC in it, which is why it can be commercialized. We can use hemp lotions, shampoos, and wear hemp jewelry without feeling too guilty! But be careful, it does have its own smell, so don’t upset your boss!

Drug Tests

Whether you’re on probation, interviewing, or wanting to test a loved one (or yourself), drug tests are all over the place! If you’ve gotten into trouble, you’re likely to get tested often… hopefully, you’re not an everyday smoker with a test to pass in less than a couple of months! Let’s check out the different tests we can have done and how long THC is detectable in those tests.

In some jobs, it is very important to remain completely alert — being stoned isn’t being alert. If you’re cleansing your system of weed to better your life, good for you! It’s a difficult decision since it’s now more socially accepted than ever before. Let’s not forget the impact smoking has on our health (mainly, our lungs, sinuses, and memory). Let’s not be tempted to use more harmful drugs that exit our bodies much sooner than THC, either. Marijuana is definitely less harmful than some peoples’ go-to pick-me-up. If you can’t make yourself stop smoking, consider a marijuana detox or apply for a job that doesn’t require drug testing.

Detecting THC in Hair Follicles

Have you had the fear of having a hair plucked from your head and failing a drug test just for pot? It’s kind of silly they’d pull your hair out to test that, in my opinion, because there’s not a whole lot proving chemicals cling to your follicles all the time. Especially in the case of cannabis. But, nonetheless, the testing happens.

You’re not going to like this, but you may want to avoid that test! Why? You may have smoked one time in your life, but if it was within the last 7 days, you’ll likely fail the follicle test. Follicle tests are typically designed to detect chemicals you’ve come into contact with over the last 90 days.

Urine Tests are Weed’s Worst Enemy

The reason weed-smokers hate urine tests should be pretty obvious in today’s age! They’re super cheap to administer, especially on a larger scale. It’s cheaper to make 1,000 people pee in a cup than it is to test 1,000 hair strands! Last, but definitely not least, urine tests are hard to pass if you smoke even just occasionally. THC is detectable in urine for quite some time. How long, you ask?

On average:

  • If you smoke once, expect to test positive for 3-8 days.
  • If you smoke a few times a week, you’ll test positive for around 10-30 days.
  • If you smoke every day, you could fail a drug test for 3 months!

Of course, you can do things to help the THC exit your system. Staying on top of your hydration will help dilute the THC content in your urine, and cranberry will be your best friend.

Saliva and Blood Tests

If you’re facing a saliva or blood test, you might not have to worry as much. These tests focus on whether or not you’ve smoked pot recently. Whereas the other tests search to see if you’ve used weed in the past, these aren’t as invasive to your personal life.

Saliva tests detect if you’ve smoked within the last 12 hours.

Blood isn’t THC’s BFF so blood tests search for recent smoking, also.

There you have it! You can see how hard it would be to land a “normal” job if you’re a chronic weed smoker, now. Since many careers do urine tests, you’d be better off partaking in a natural detox and waiting for the appropriate amount of time before scheduling an interview. Most places have a 6-month hold on applications, so if you do go and fail a test, you probably won’t be eligible for another interview for 6 more months!

Be smart, be safe, and keep your system clean and healthy. Don’t smoke if you’re trying to get a new job! Don’t smoke if you’re sick, either, because it’ll take a bit longer for your body to begin healing. If you’re recovering from weed addiction, seek a shoulder to lean on in times of weakness. You’re more powerful than the euphoric effects of pot!
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