How to Get Weed Out of Your System

how to get weed out of your system tea

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How to Get Weed Out of Your System
how to get weed out of your system drinks

Have you found yourself in a bit of a pickle, facing a urinalysis in your near future? Or maybe you’ve finally had your fill of smoking weed in general and want to quickly detox. If you’re not pressed for time, check out the Quit Weed program we offer on the main page! (There’s a natural detox kit in there!)

If time is of the essence, there are a few things you can do (or drink) in hopes to mask the THC in your urine! Hopefully, you played it smart for an interview and prepared ahead of time. If you aren’t a heavy smoker and you haven’t smoked in a few weeks, you’d most likely be fine drinking a couple liters of water a bit before your drug test. That’s just for the lucky few, though! Don’t counteract the effectiveness of the water dilution by exercising if you think there could be any THC left clinging to your fatty tissue… they release when we exercise.

Exercising During Detox

Now, if you (and your body) are used to exercise, just keep up the good work! Remember to drink plenty of water. Unless you smoke frequently, an exercise routine and plenty of water will help you be “clean” in as little as a week. If your body isn’t used to exercise, or carries a little extra weight, your system may contain THC for a week (or three) longer. Exercise and hydration is a great idea, though, if you have the time to take that natural route. Then again, when has water and exercise ever seemed to hurt us?

“Quick Fix” Detox Drinks and Things

I’m not condoning all of these techniques, as I don’t personally know how each remedy would affect me. If any of these options are harmful to or useless for you, just disregard them and stick with a natural cleanse. (Those tend to be slow and steady — and our bodies usually love them!)

Otherwise, research away, based on the information you learn today. Research and choose an option that suits you best, it’s your body, after all! Here are some of the various suggestions I’ve found for flushing your system of THC.

  • Water – a lot is good for your body,anyway. Before taking a test, 1 or more liters of water (plus a few pee breaks) should prove beneficial. Don’t get the beginning or the last bit of your pee in the cup, it won’t be as diluted. Not everyone will get the same results, it all depends on your use and body. We’re delicate, different creatures! Don’t drown your organs, though. Seriously, watch your intake and don’t overdo it. You can overdose on a lot of things, and you can literally drown yourself (internally) with too much water!
  • Papain (enzymes in papaya – helps break stuff down). You can enjoy the pluses of papain by enjoying papaya fruit or even papain supplements. The evidence of how long this can help mask the levels of THC in your system isn’t quite… evident. Maybe if I dug super deep into the web of information, but I’m trying to find an array of options for you, here!
  • Cranberry tablets or juice – you’ll want the real deal, too. Not cranberry cocktail or chocolate-covered cranberries… Organic cranberry juice and cranberry tablets (for urinary tract health) are the way to go. I do know that this method, along with copious amounts of water, can work. I’ve seen it work for a friend when they needed to pass their first drug test for probation!
  • Detox drinks – there are plenty to choose from (I recommend getting one from a health and nutrition store). You might find an okay, cheap one… but if you need quick results, it’s worth spending 40 or more dollars on a good detox drink or kit.
  • Apple cider vinegar – it’s great for everything. I often rave about the nutritional benefits of apple cider vinegar. It’s seriously one of the best things in the world. I love the taste of it, but it also helps our immune systems! It’s great for clearing some complexions of blemishes. It’s also a metabolic stimulant — it whips your metabolism into shape. A lot of people make weight loss concoctions with ACV (apple cider vinegar)! Don’t underestimate the intensity of how it’ll hit your stomach, though. One or two tablespoons with a glass of water, two or three times a day can boost your metabolism.
  •  Acai berry is said to be good for your metabolism, as well. It’s one of Weight Loss’s best friends, just like ACV! That means, with good hydration, you can naturally detox with this delicious berry. Like cranberry, acai berry is available in tablets, juices, and fruit form.
  • Fake urine. I do not recommend taking this route, since technology updates on a daily basis. If you’re going for a pretty prestigious job interview, don’t risk it. If you’re testing for your probation or parole officer, don’t do this! Your chances of getting away with it under these circumstances are slim to none. I don’t really see how fake urine would work anywhere, but some commenters on a few forums I sifted through did swear by this. I wouldn’t ever be ballsy enough to pull this move. But they say if you can keep it body temperature, you should be able to pass the lower-quality tests.
  • Vitamin B – you need yellow pee. If you find your pee is so kind of clear (and could cost you an ‘invalid reading’ result), grab some strong B-12 and ingest it a few hours before your test to make your urine a “normal” color again. B-12 is great to boost your memory, too!
  • Check out your local health food store. Ask them what they recommend for a quick, but healthy, detox. Most times, they’ll be happy to help find a combination of herbs or supplements best suited for you. Creatine is supposed to be pretty helpful because it helps you keep your dilution efforts on the down-low. (Sort of).

Your best bet? Not smoking at all! Giving up smoking altogether, unless you frequently smoke, will prove beneficial. The THC stored in your body will eventually leave as long as you move around fairly often and drink water!
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