Does Smoking Weed Make You Lose Weight?

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Does Smoking Weed Make You Lose Weight?
does smoking weed make you lose weight calories

You asked, and I’m here to answer that question! I’m not here to encourage you to smoke weed, but we’re going to figure out if pot helps with weight loss or not.

As of last year, studies have been published that may imply that getting stoned may help some people lose weight. If you weren’t already aware, smoking weed has been proven to push your metabolic system in the “right” direction. By that, I mean there’s research with data saying people with previously low metabolisms have improved metabolic rates after routine smoking.

Just look at all the published work on it, if you don’t believe me! Now, I don’t believe frequent smoking is healthy. I also don’t believe marijuana is a monster. I do believe marijuana is best used for medicinal purposes, and in moderation.

If You’re Susceptible to Depression, Don’t Overdo It

While smoking weed fairly frequently may benefit some people, anyone suffering from depression should shy away from daily smoke sessions. Rather unfortunately, our bodies seem to become dependent on things pretty easily. We’re pleasure-seeking creatures, so, can you blame our bodies? Our organs generally enjoy weed.

If you battle with depression, a once-in-a-blue-moon dose of THC might be okay. If you want to avoid deepening your depression, don’t allow your body to be exposed to pot too much. When it is, your brain starts craving that euphoria. I’m kind of reminded of a hangover when I think about marijuana dependency. You’ll often hear hungover people begging for “a hair of the dog that bit them.” Unfamiliar with that phrase? That’s okay, I still think it’s weird, too. Anyway, by that, they usually just want a sip (or full serving) of whatever they drank the night before. Some believe and swear that decreases the intensity of their hangover. You know why I think that could work? Dependency, cravings, withdrawals. Your body’s like “I need water, food, and tender, loving, care… and also a little more of that stuff we enjoyed.”

The same can happen to people with marijuana. Though pot doesn’t attack our bodies the same way alcohol does, it’s an easy substance to crave. (Ever heard of food cravings?) If you administer marijuana to yourself as medicine and you have no idea how long this bout of depression will last, you’re in for a bumpy, emotional ride. At first, your brain will be happy as can be… it’ll be intoxicated. But when reality starts knocking at your door again, your brain quickly calls on THC for assistance. The lack of the chemical your brain has grown to depend on for relief during depression makes us doubly depressed, whether we’re aware of it or not! Some of the chemicals in THC can encourage us to be lazier than we would be if we were sober, and laziness can lead to depression as well.

It’s tricky, trying to smoke weed when you already deal with mental health problems.

Processing Sugars with Pot?

You read that right. It’s also been proven recently that many peoples’ bodies can process “bad” nutrients easier if they get stoned. You know how sugar is pretty much the worst thing in the world for our bodies, yet we eat or drink it almost constantly? Our organs aren’t designed to process sugar as quickly as we ingest it. Your body holds onto sugar for a very long time, because it isn’t efficient in breaking it down. (This is one of the reasons diabetes is on the rise).

Well, guess what?! Weed helps our systems cycle sugar efficiently. This does mean you’re likely to lose weight if you have a smoking routine unless your munchies include tons of candy and soda. The research is there, showing that if we cut sodas and most sweets out of our diets, smoking could help us burn those unnecessary calories! Kind of cool, huh? This is only if we’re pretty healthy and active, to begin with, though. That’s the key for a lot of things. Just watch your portions if you have to eat your favorite food and don’t stay glued to the couch. Even if you just dance to a song every few hours, that’s better than no movement at all! You’ll also be burning calories.

In Summary:

Smoking weed has the potential to help certain people process sugars quicker than normal and also aids in weight loss (unless you’re depressed).

Depression makes a lot of things difficult, are you really surprised to find weed isn’t much different? I have dealt with depression, myself, and know how depressed I get when I can’t move around easily, if I’ve eaten too much, or can’t do what I want. Getting stoned all day, a few times a week will decrease your levels of motivation, yet increase your appetite… are you catching my drift, yet?

If you’re a chronic stoner, you are very likely to be caught sitting in the same position for hours — except when you take a break from sitting to eat! Don’t feed your depression by developing an addiction. Don’t trigger a mental relapse (seriously, schizophrenia likes to surprise its hosts after extended exposure to weed).

If your doctor has recommended you enjoy edibles or smoke, do what you need to! I’m just here to remind you that addiction is real, even with marijuana… and there are other ways to lose weight. If you don’t want to risk losing your sense of control, go to a gym! You’ll be getting fit and losing weight (there might even be a nutritional coach)! If you don’t have a bad back or legs, listen to your favorite album and do some cardio! Replace one of your three daily meals with a salad! Swim! Hike. Take a 45-minute walk (just go as fast as your body can handle for quicker weight loss). Water is your best friend. Visit a health store, there might be natural weight loss supplements you could take a few times a year. Whatever you do, remain in control of yourself and your health! Good luck!

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