What to Do When You Quit Smoking Weed

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What to Do When You Quit Smoking Weed
what to do when you quit smoking weed whut

When you’ve decided to take your last puff of pot, you may feel a little less whole at first. You’re probably wondering what to do when you quit smoking weed, and that’s normal!

Your brain’s reward system could’ve tricked you into thinking you’d found “the ultimate joy” in getting high. The medical benefits of the great ganja are wonderful and shouldn’t be taken lightly, it works great to relieve symptoms of various things. While weed may help you, medicinally, becoming dependent on smoking marijuana is harmful. Your lungs can’t handle heavy exposure to inhaled smoke and your mind tends to get clouded with chronic use.

Think about why you liked smoking pot. Now, think about why you’ve chosen to stop. The possibilities could be endless.

Whether you are choosing to take this route or you have been “advised” to, you are the most important person in your world. Your happiness and your health are the most important things in your world. If they haven’t been before, they should be now!

What Should I Do if I’m Scared to Quit?
what to do when you quit smoking weed scared

If quitting smoking does not sound appealing, a good, natural detox should help with your first step! The first few days after quitting, especially if you’re a chronic weed smoker, are going to be the toughest. But it will be worth it. It might feel as difficult as cutting sodas out of your diet or quitting smoking cigarettes.

  • When you’re addicted (physically or mentally) to anything, removing the toxin from yourself and/or your environment is a sure way to make the transition a little easier!

Allowing your body to detoxify itself with an aid buys your maybe-anxious mind some time to find a new love in life. While detoxing, your feelings of withdrawal aren’t likely to be as intense as if you were to attempt this cold-turkey. While mentality does play an unshakable part in healing from addiction, it might not be all the help you need (and that is perfectly okay!).

  • If you’re scared you “can’t” say no to the enticing plant around the ones you love, say “sayonara” for as long as you need.
    If they love you and respect the fact that you’re going through a change, they’ll understand your decision. It can be hard to be around your fellow friends when they forget you’re no longer smoking. During the beginning stages of your detox, just remove yourself from that situation completely. Being around the marijuana itself will probably be too tempting, if not slightly torturous to your journeying psyche.

That also means deleting any of your weed dealers’ existence from your life. If they’re friends or family members, just politely explain to them that you (at least temporarily) cannot allow them into your life anymore. There’s no need to be hateful or anything, just help yourself and say goodbye to the people who influence your addiction the most.

Rainbows During the Rain
what to do when you quit smoking weed rainbow

Enough with the gloom. If it’s raining but the sun (you being the sunshine) is still out, there’s likely to be a rainbow out there somewhere! Sure, it seems cheesy, but think about it. Have you ever stopped in your tracks in awe of something? Something healthy, to be exact. Perhaps you’ve been on your way to do something important and noticed a beautiful flower growing in a strange place. Were you tempted to go smell it? If so, and you didn’t allow yourself to, do it the next time you can!

  • Find something that can occupy your time away from smoking weed. While you’re going through your detox, find other healthy things to do. Plant some flowers, trees, or a garden. Write the pieces you haven’t had the chance to. Hang out with your nonsmoking friends. Speak to a therapist. Seek a support group. Start a blog documenting your journey.

When You Want to Spark a Spliff…

When you have the urge to smoke during the process of forgetting ganja, try doing some of the above-mentioned (productive) things instead. As a matter of fact, if you haven’t already…

  • Detox your house! That’s meant to be slightly humorous, but for real… You should remove any smoking paraphernalia from your life. Toss your favorite flavored wraps and rigs.**If you decide to trash everything, do it safely and responsibly. If you can legally give it a better home, do that if you can’t bear the thought of throwing it away.
  • Get comfortable. Curl up in your favorite sofa chair with a cup of tea. Enjoy the aroma of your drink; inhale it deeply and exhale. Sip it and enjoy the feeling of it passing through your body. Read the books you’ve been meaning to. Take a nice bath.
  • Think about where you’d like to be in the next 6 months instead of the next 10 years. When you were high, your goals were probably to make something great to munch on and wake up on time the next morning. Now that you’re choosing to cleanse your system of marijuana, you can get a little more serious in your spare time.
  • Pay yourself. If you haven’t been able to go on a vacation in years, but you’ve been able to smoke blunts for days, it’s time to get away! Quitting weed doesn’t mean you have to become a dull person. When you have the urge to blaze, put a dollar (or more!) in a safe place. If you monitor it, you could at least take a weekend getaway while you’re on your cleanse. How easy and fun would that be?!
  • Move around. Do you like to exercise? Great! Put on your running shoes instead of getting in your car to buy a bag. Don’t like exercise? Great! Hook your mp3 player up to a dock with speakers, pick your favorite song, and dance! Even if you “can’t” dance, you can move along with the music as fast or as slow as you’d like. If it makes you feel good and makes you move, it will help your brain and body heal.

All your spirit really needs to be reminded of is the fact that you love it and want to take care of it. While you are going through your cleanse, love yourself, don’t hurt yourself. You’re one step closer every day you’re clean to becoming a more powerful you!
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