Can Marijuana Be Used to Treat Depression and Anxiety?

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Can Marijuana Be Used to Treat Depression and Anxiety?

Anyone with access to proven research (which is everyone, by the way!) can tell you marijuana can be used to treat depression and anxiety. The real medicinal reward lies in how you use weed to treat these conditions.

There is no reward in smoking weed every day, period. All the evidence is there within your reach. You are much more powerful than you’ve probably been giving yourself credit for!

While there are proven, effective ways to use weed for your health, none of them suggest inhaling the burning plant (especially directly)! The experts say your safest smoking alternative would be to inhale THC vapors instead. Ideally, you would only eat or apply pure THC oils and extracts for the ultimate health benefit.

Having realized this, we can safely assume that marijuana is best used for physical health benefits. This doesn’t mean it couldn’t help your mentality at all, of course, because… well, who hasn’t gotten the ganja giggles?!

Mental Strife and Marijuana


Each person’s reason for having used marijuana, in whatever form it may’ve been, could be different. People dealing with depression and other mental obstacle courses tend to need a little attention (or) distraction.

Maybe you were hanging out with someone you were close to and really needed to talk to them, but instead of opening up about your inner demons, accepted a puff on the bowl they sparked up.

Never mind who influenced you to take your first toke, think about how you felt before and after that.

If you were curious about weed in general, did you find what you were looking for? Did your depression seem to dull down? Did your anxious mind race at a much slower pace? Was this pleasurable to you? Did you sit there and wonder why you had never noticed this wonderful plant before?

Did you smoke weed again? Did you start smoking frequently? If you did start smoking a lot, did you notice your eventual decrease in the ability to successfully get high, especially when smoking with others? This is when mental strife likes to strike (again).

If your brain wants you to be happy by using marijuana but your life won’t allow it, your brain may feel extremely conflicted. Your brain is signaling to you that it needs and wants some love and care and it seeks marijuana because it easily satisfies that craving, at first…

But isn’t this how we start leaning on crutches? If you’re depressed, you likely really enjoy (or wish upon a star for) exposure to feelings of happiness and love. If you’re anxious, you might wish to express (or even “contain”)  yourself calmly.

Our Focus When Depressed or Anxious
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When we’re fighting our battles with either or both of these issues, our minds want an easy way out. That isn’t because we’re weak, it’s because the battle is tough on our brains. Our brains are busy trying to send signals to our physical parts as well as help us find mental pleasure during our inevitable growth and aging. 

Sometimes our brains find something to focus on more than our problems in efforts to “ease its burden“.

Your spirit is screaming for help to relieve the weight of the stress and sorrow you’ve probably endured. Some issues can’t be resolved on their own and you may need help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

If a physical ailment can be healed by the use of THC in some way (and your doctor recommends it), then temporary use shouldn’t be a big deal. Just like if you severely damage anything below your waist that aids in walking, you’d need crutchestemporarily.

If you kept using the crutches instead of walking on your own after you’ve healed some, the healing wouldn’t be likely to progress.

Your body would be used to something holding part of its weight and would become dependent on that aid in order to comfortably walk after time. 

We want to strengthen ourselves, not depend on anything too much! Don’t you want to wake up and kick depression’s butt all on your own? You can learn to focus on healing instead of suffering!

What Can You Do to Heal without Hash?

Don’t feel guilty if you don’t need to. If you’ve fallen victim to the way something has positively affected you, not all is lost yet. If you realize you just need to deal with your very important issues, there are times to seek personal help and times to seek professional help. It is generally up to you if you need either, but you have the choice to try helping yourself without exposing yourself too much. If it is a serious condition and you aren’t certain of reality anymore, get help, though!

  • Detoxify your body before you detox your mind. Purge those negative chemicals out of your body so cleansing your mind of negative thoughts can become easier. Attempting to quit anything you’re addicted to can leave your body and brain shocked, especially when done abruptly. Overcoming the obstacle can be achieved by taking small steps!
  • Reach out to an ex-addict, or a very understanding friend. Ask them how they deal with their demons and see if anything appeals to you.
  • Find a therapist near you with the best reviews. Really dig through those reviews to see how credible they are, too. This can be for word-of-mouth or visual reviews! If you feel comfortable, try attending a session with them.
  • After trying to figure out what’s been holding you back, move forward. When you wake up at noon on your day off, don’t get upset with yourself anymore. Just make the most of what you have left of the day.
  • Learn to love yourself and what you do before trying to love anyone else. Trying to get a grip on what you struggle with and balance a romantic relationship is a recipe for disaster. Understand that you are “under maintenance” and could accidentally harm an unaware newcomer to your situation.

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