Can You Go to Rehab for Weed?

can you go to rehab for weed buds

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Can You Go to Rehab for Weed?
can you go to rehab for weed variety

If you can be addicted to the act of chewing gum, you can be addicted to just about anything! Believe it or not, rehab is for more than alcoholics and “hard drug” users and abusers. You can go to rehab for weed addiction just like you can go for sex addiction!

Chewing gum, you ask? I, myself, have an addictive personality when it comes to certain acts and feelings. I am also a nervous person, in general, though I hide it fairly well. I frequently became so nervous about my daily interactions that I sought something to make them easier. People noticed my fingernail biting or fidgeting, so what could I do? Chew gum! I began chewing gum so furiously I bought super-packs every two days! I didn’t share my gum, either, you best believe! It took over a year for me to quit finding something to fidget with or chomp on.

You may think that’s silly, trust me, I did. I found comfort in my chewing. It ended up hurting my jaw in the end, which is why I had to ultimately stop. Addictions do exactly that — hurt you in the end.

Some people can handle serious business all by themselves and some people need a support team. Neither of those roads to healing are wrong, in reality. As long as you feel you’ve gotten the help you needed, that’s alright!

Rehab is Meant to Help People Live Life Again

Have you thought about animal rescue and rehabilitation before? You may be most familiar with the latest phenomenon of pitbull rescue & rehab. Those pitbulls they’re trying to rehabilitate? They’re usually seen as an aggressive breed, so you could say they’re supposedly addicted to being cruel. There are some that are mean and some that aren’t, regardless of why, and that’s with every breed.

When they’re taken in and given a second chance at life, they’re in the process of being rehabilitated! They usually are trained to become more submissive and calm. They are then reintroduced to their species and other humans, mostly successfully! They’re seen as new beings. It’s kind of the same when people get out of rehab, if you think about it.

Were you or anyone you know sent to anger management before? That was a form of rehabilitation, too! You have to learn how to change the way you think and act in order to gradute from the program.

It doesn’t stop there, though. You can’t just go through that process and go right back to what you were doing. Well, you can, technically. And you might. But if you want to change your addiction, you’ll have to go through changes. Your character, your moods, everything will likely be affected.

If you’re one of the many who’ve depended on weed to help them through hard times, you know how awesome it can make you feel. There’s nothing wrong with experiencing that feeling. It’s the overload that hurts you. That’s where my chewing gum story comes into play! Chewing gum is fine if you don’t do it like it’s your job.

Addressing the issue of addiction is tricky, because it makes people feel vulnerable. Rehab doesn’t always seem to be the most comfortable option for addicts to heal. They’d much rather be in their own comfort zones, which is where our Quit Weed program comes into play! You can face your addiction in the comfort and seclusion of your own home with it. Rehab requires you to expose yourself a little more to a few more people, which seems to be a bit difficult for some.

For others, there is comfort found in the group effort. There has to be a balance in life, right?

Help Yourself First and Foremost

If you’re uncomfortable around a crowd, a simple, low-key product like the one we offer is ideal. If you enjoy the interaction with others who similarly to you, rehab is probably fine. Doing both could probably make someone very powerful! The more knowledge you have, the more powerful you are, right?!

The fact of the matter is, if you’re struggling with addiction of any sort, it’s nice to not feel alone.

No matter what route you decide to take, for any addiction you have, you are going to want to feel better about yourself. It’s not always likely to run into someone you know at a meeting. Some people need to use multiple methods in order to overcome obstacles. Some peoples’ personalities require that attention, and there’s nothing wrong with that! So long as no one person is hurting the other!

You don’t want to rely on someone for every moment you feel the urge to feed your addiction. That’s when graduation from rehab can become confusing. You’re free to do your own thing (unless you have a strict sponser or are in a halfway house). That doesn’t mean go do those drugs or addictive actions again, though!

Stay clear of them and keep working on your mentality in order to improve!

If you have any friends who use the substances you’re trying to stear clear of, try not hanging out with them for a while. (Maybe not ever, depending on whether or not they can ever be sober!)

Clear all of that out of your life before (or after) rehab. Just don’t neglect doing it at first. If you can be exposed to it later in life, fine. But when you’re trying to get over the idea of always having that thing to cling to, you have to remove yourself from any environment it’s in! That should be one of the first things you learn in rehab.


We believe in you, no matter what route you take to leaving pot behind you. It doesn’t matter if you have to put it behind you due to legalities or what! If you use the Quit Weed program, you’ll soon learn that your mind holds the key to your future! First, you may need to rid your body of its toxic contents and thought. After that, it’s mostly up to what actions you take and thoughts you allow to become reality. Just don’t discredit anyone that needs a little extra help, because everyone needs a strong, helping hand sometimes!
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