Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne?

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Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne?
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Does eating pizza cause acne? Does smoking weed cause acne? Does homework cause acne?! These are some serious questions, folks! They do sound a little silly if we ask them over and over… but these concerns do cause a lot of worries!

Worrying doesn’t make anything better, unfortunately, though we can get caught up in it. Many of us dedicate the vast majority of our days to worrying without realizing it. For any of you dealing with worry on a daily basis, I am sorry! There are tons of coping strategies all over the huge, online world!

What Are Some of the Most Common Causes of Acne?

We should know, first and foremost, that pinpointing one particular thing to blame acne on is nearly impossible. Who knows what the future may hold… but for now, we only have a few, broad, common causes of “common” acne outbreaks to share with you. We’ll discuss them as we go along!

  • What you eat matters. Not just some of the time, either! I’m not saying you need to be a health freak. I’m just letting you know that what you ingest could affect your skin! As with many things, people may disagree with this belief. Overseas, skin and a healthy diet are seen as friends, not acquaintances. Certain drinks and food make my chest, neck, and cheeks flush and turn red! If you like to drink sodas more than water, your acne is grateful. Peanuts can cause oily skin and acne. Say what? You read that right. Soy, too.
  • Naturally oily skin. No shame in the game, but it makes acne happy, too. There are tons of products readily available if you deal with this. Check for good deals on skin creams, peels, masks, and all the like. (I bargain shop everywhere!) Some pretty cool holistic remedies exist, if your skin can handle them! When I was an early teen, I ended up having to get prescription face washes, moisturizer, and medicine… I wasn’t exposed to smoke much, though, thankfully. My acne was really awful. If I had digital pictures, I’d share just how scary it was with you! My skin is still slightly oily, but I’ve aged and changed my lifestyle and skincare routine.
  • Toxic particles. This is a particularly broad target, but if you expose your precious face to harsh chemicals, what do you expect? I’d say either facial cysts (which can be super painful) and/or acne! Tiny little bumps, if you barely get affected by it. I’ve witnessed a loved one, with near-perfect skin, work a factory job and develop a slight acne problem. His skin became oilier, in order to protect itself from those harmful particles. Your pores are trying to push that build-up out of your face. (He had to wear goggles and a paper mask). Some peoples’ skin becomes dried out in reaction to harmful toxins, such as smoke… even marijuana smoke.
  • Alcohol use. This really could’ve gone under the food section, but it’s such a go-to for so many people, we need to understand that it affects more than just our internal organs, it also affects our appearance.
  • STRESS. I repeat, STRESS! Most of us know this already, yet seem to be unable to do anything about it — especially for our skin! Stress is so, so bad, y’all! Forgive my southern speech, there, but c’mon! If we know we’re killing ourselves with stress and developing acne due to it… we have to change it, right?! If you weren’t already aware, and you like coloring, there are adult coloring books out there. I love those things, I have my own little collection with different themes for different moods! You could also get some really good meditation or relaxation music, turn it on, turn off the lights, and close your eyes on your next day off. Drift off to a place of peace. We need to destress at least once a week, if not more, if we expect to feel and be healthy. Our minds and our bodies can only take so much. Your skin will be much happier when your stress levels decrease, too. Take a short, brisk walk when you get home from work a couple days a week. Work on your breathing techniques — this’ll help your lungs and your stress levels!
  • Sleep or lack thereof. Your body tries to rid itself of negativity in your sleep, naturally. It tries to remove the damage done to it recently, external or internal. If you’re not getting your full 8 hours, your wounds are less likely to heal… along with that, your skin is likely to become irritated and break out. Sleeping too much (with a naturally oily, acne-prone face) can result in you spreading bacteria and oil all over your precious face in your sleep. This is especially true if you’re a belly sleeper and tend to enjoy rubbing your face on your pillow.
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome and thyroid issues. As a PCOS sufferer, my acne was insane when I was younger. I ended up getting painful laser treatments in hopes to make it better. I only followed through with two visits, though. I watch what I ingest a little more and am careful about choosing skin products. I don’t overly scrub my face anymore, I also choose not to wear any makeup other than eye and lip makeup on occasion. I’m not 100% acne-free 24/7 or anything, but I don’t deal with acne nearly as much as I used to.
    For those suffering from thyroid issues and any other health problems that may be undiagnosed, please consult your doctor. Even my advice for PCOS and acne is mostly opinion. It’s so worth it to absorb tons of credible information! When I lack enough of it, I encourage others to find out!
  • Dry skin. You’re not safe from acne, either. Sorry! Your skin tries really hard, but doesn’t quite do what it needs to. Don’t get me started on duality-skin! (Oily and dry). You don’t need the same kinds of cleansers “normal skinned” people do. You need a bit more, natural hydration. Your skin needs help forming a protective barrier.
  • Smoke. Cigarette and marijuana smoke. I’m sorry to say it, but hot-boxing your car isn’t as great of an idea as it may seem! You’re making your skin vulnerable. The smoke will fill your pores and clog them, drying them out, or cause them to produce too much oil (to remove the toxic particles).

Let’s remember none of these are the only reason acne outbreaks happen. They could influence its appearance. We should take care of ourselves. There are a few posts on this site giving you ideas on how to destress and feel good. There’s also a ton of material elsewhere on the web, so feel free to soak in as much as you can!

In Summary:

We’ve discovered, through this research, that smoke of any sort can influence a breakout. That does include marijuana smoke. The act of inhaling weed isn’t what’s damaging your skin, so much as exposing your skin to the smoke cloud is.
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