Reasons to Stop Smoking Weed

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Reasons to Stop Smoking Weed
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The reasons to stop smoking weed could go on (on paper) for days! As we’ve made clear before, we believe that smoking anything isn’t good for your precious body! No matter what religion you are, your body is yours, and yours alone to take care of. You need to eat a certain amount of food, it’s up to you (generally) what you actually ingest. The same goes for the medications you ingest and addictions you cling to!

Have you been able to smoke but unable to enjoy your downtime without smoking? Perhaps your kids have asked you to play catch and you’ve been unable. Maybe your spouse has asked you to do things around the house on your day off and you’ve had difficulty getting off the couch. Maybe not. When used frequently, weed will harm your being.

Best Reasons to Quit Smoking Weed Every Day:

  1. You’ll feel more important. You won’t be as easily scrutinized because you won’t fail a drug test! (Unless you do something else…) People will automatically respect what you have to say a little more than they might if you came in yellin’ drunk.
  2. You’ll have more energy. At first, if you were a chronic smoker, you may feel fatigued. But once you’re used to being without your preferred plant, you’ll soon discover a (slight, at least) change in energy levels. Whereas you may’ve lost most motivation to physically or mentally challenge yourself before, you’ll be more likely to once you’ve quit weed.
  3. You can love more. Because you’ll have learned, just by being (or feeling) addicted to something and learning how to let it go, you’ll understand the concept of love a little more. You may’ve felt like you loved the substance. You can place the love you had for something more materialistic on something more positive, like time spent with loved ones instead of in your living room, glued to the house.
  4. You can focus more. Whether it be on work, your personal life, or ordering your dinner. You’ll be able to feel a little more certain about your decisions once you’ve stopped depending on certainty from a substance.

If you feel like you don’t have the ability to be creative or as interactive (as you see fit) without weed, think about your perspective on life. Do you know what exactly is holding you back? Have you sought help if you’ve felt like you needed it? Have you tried to tackle your issue and felt like you failed? Fallen right back into your own trap?

The weed you probably reward yourself with could be the item that’s distracting you from achieving your dreams. If you wish to be the president, you can’t be a pothead. (At least not yet!) If you want to be a successful news anchor, you probably can’t go on live TV blitzed out of your brain! That’s because, during occasions like those, you aren’t rewarding yourself properly.

Instead of rewarding yourself with a bowl, you could be rewarding yourself with a weekend getaway! With the money you’d save from setting aside money that would’ve previously been spent on bud, you could buy a small piece of furniture or a weekend getaway fairly easily, depending on your job title! If you wouldn’t want to escape that quickly, you could save for a longer amount of time for a more extravagant occasion! Perhaps the honeymoon you couldn’t previously afford, the family holiday vacation you’ve dreamt of, or the year-long nature trek you’ve desired. Instead of buying that occasional or frequent baggie, save for your future. Start a fund for your future child!


Your memory can be negatively affected by the amount of weed you smoke. Even if you just smoke every now and then, you probably find it a little difficult to remember the name of every person you shake hands with. If you smoke weed all the time, you may have trouble remembering if you work tomorrow or not. Some days you may remember everything from your past and others you won’t remember a bit.

Long-term smoking of marijuana increases the likelihood of you not being able to remember a bit of that time in your life when you’re much older. It increases the likelihood of you not remembering the meaning of the things you say. You’re probably a lot more likely to space out in the middle of a conversation if you’re high than if you’re sober! Your intentions are probably great and you’ll want to make the world the perfect place to live in, but after about an hour, you may be talking about whale poop and have no idea why.

That’s why our brains like to use marijuana as a reward. If we’ve “done good,” we’re more likely to want to give pot a chance. Do you know of someone that’s given a triathlete a candy bar after their triathlon? It’s kind of ironic to do that, isn’t it? We all know how bad candy can be for our bodies and how in-shape triathletes must be, yet we’re feeding them candy at the end of their race? Anyway, our memory improves when we’re not super dependent on substances. Our minds aren’t weighed down by wanting to use weed so we can remember the family function we have four months from now a little easier!


Your livelihood is where it’s at. If nothing else gives you a reason to quit smoking weed or doing anything else to harm yourself, does restoring your livelihood not sound wonderful? No matter what age you are, we live to feel alive! That’s why some people don’t retire. You don’t have to retire on passion or whatever positive thing you attained by getting high. You just need to find a new way to achieve that same feeling.

It does take time to heal from addiction, so don’t frown upon yourself. Bear with your body for a few days (or weeks). You’ll soon be happy to see how much livelihood is restored once you’ve removed the crutch of smoking pot from your life!
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