How to Get Over Smoking Weed

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How to Get Over Smoking Weed

The only sure way to get over something (or even someone) is to remain far, far away from it. That’s why so many people think cold-turkey quitting of things is best. What are you supposed to do when you’ve removed it from your life but wonder how to get over weedalmost as if it is a person?!

You’re hopefully using our affiliate’s Quit Weed program to make this transition in your life easier, but let’s consider what will help us get over weed for good, even on our rainiest days.

What Cheers You Up When You Miss Someone?

Or, in this case, your favorite pot plant?! Some of us are lonelier than others and can’t just “hit up” a bunch of friends at any given moment. That makes the temptation to give into smoking weed a lot more enticing, sometimes! Even if you’re a lonely person by choice and not “force,” you may find yourself yearning for something you think is missing. So if you’re trying to get over an ex you cannot reconcile with, what do you do?

  • Distract yourself from your fixation on weed. If you don’t want to give up everything you can associate weed with, try embracing some of those things without a little happiness helper.
    • In moderation, treat yourself. Get someone else to take you out on the town, or to dinner. Anything to get you out of the house and away from your bong.
      • If you treat yourself this way, your neurotransmitters might be willing to compromise for a while. Why? The reason you might get away with this is because you’re rewarding yourself, which your brain loves. Other than that, you’ll also be spending money you would’ve probably spent on a “weedmergency” bag!
  • Working. This could be part of your distraction, but since you can work for pay, it should be made a point of its own. Perhaps you could line up a job interview for about a month down the road from your detox. You could (and should) even apply for jobs you’ll have to take a drug test to attain!
    • This’ll give your body time to get clean and give your mind a goal! Plus, how rewarding would it be to finally be able to land your dream job without worrying you’ll lose it due to failing a pee test?!
      • If you already have a job, you might want to go ahead and stay there if your brain and body can handle it during your body cleanse. You’ll be making money while looking for a path to more money if that’s your thing! (So you can show your “ex” how well-off you can be without them, of course!)
  • Avoid laziness. Wallowing in self-pity because you’re not allowing yourself to take puffs of magic medicine won’t heal you. Refusing to get up and wash your hair because you feel lost is going to revert your progress. Your brain, as well as your body, craves activity.
    • Think back to those times you were with friends and packed bowl after bowl after bowl. Unless all of you have (or had) an extremely high tolerance, there wouldn’t have been any reason for that… other than the fact that your brain and body were bored and wanted an activity to focus on as a group!
      • Join a club or team! Regardless of whether you choose a physically- or mentally-stimulating organization, the acceptance into a group of your choosing will please your brain. If you didn’t choose a sports or fitness group, you should still allow your body to enjoy a bit of exercise here and there. Pace your home 10 times every 5 hours if you don’t want to step outside, there are many options for you!

When You Start Moving On, Don’t Look Back!

Don’t be fooled into affectionately glancing over your shoulder at your old addiction as you move forward. If you’ve gotten far enough to be able to start functioning in a manner you are happy with (without pot), keep trekking! On a difficult climb, it’s often tempting to pause for air or to look behind youDon’t! You could slip or lose faith and willingly descend.

This would be as damaging to your psyche as giving in to your ex’s 41st missed call after having successfully ignored all other attempts! Let’s face it, there were (or are?) times you faltered. You could’ve been passed a blunt and took a toke before you knew it. After receiving and enjoying its unscheduled reward, your brain will likely expect (or seek) punishment. This will usually come in the form of negative emotions or thoughts. They can be directed toward yourself or your goal that has kept you from your past. You need to remember that you’re in this position for a reason, during those times.

Don’t let everything you’ve put yourself through go to waste. You chose to cleanse your body and mind for a specific purpose. It isn’t anyone else’s concern, except for your own, what happens along the way. If you aren’t seeking therapy and are easily embarrassed, pause and reflect on your previous strength before trying again. If you are in therapy, hopefully, you are comfortable enough with your counselor to be able to discuss your moment of weakness. You’ll be relieved of your mental burden and be able to move forward.

That’s really, really important — forgiveness. If you get a little off-track, forgive yourself, and don’t look back. Don’t stay in that moment of weakness. The moment you notice you’ve started slipping, anchor yourself and get your balance back! Sometimes your legs will be too weak to push ahead, so a brief pause is fine. Sometimes you have to refill your cup of life in many ways. As long as you don’t press rewind during the pause, you should be able to pick up where you left off! 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. If you don’t want to (or can’t) do this alone, don’t. Just be sure you do it, because your body would be upset if you didn’t break those chains after building up so much muscle! We believe in you, keep moving on!
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