Cannabis and Creativity

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Cannabis and Creativity
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Can you be creative without using cannabis? When we look at cannabis and creativity, the two seem to work well together… for some. I, as a young teenager, questioned my own creative capacity at one point. Sometimes, I still do. Do you think any and everyone, aware of creativity itself, doubts their abilities at some time? Do you know how creative you can be without cannabis?

Do you like how I turned a dull question into a more flamboyant one? My creative outlet is writing. I don’t say that with puffed out feathers; I’m not always fond of fancy wordplay… but I am always enchanted by words. Until I find myself being unable to understand, see, and hear, I see an endless amount of things to be written and spoken about. I don’t know what other writers will tell you, but I started writing because I like to speak at a slower pace than many people can tolerate. You know why I do that? Because I tend to get “too descriptive,” which I don’t get… but there you have it! I felt stifled in life, so I began to write. I already enjoyed reading and hearing what others had to say, but when I started writing, I wrote with a passion. The passion I lacked in so many other areas suddenly appeared anytime I thought about revealing an internal word to the outer world. When I noticed that feeling is when I realized I might be a little creative, on occasion.

What Can You Do?

Everyone is different, no matter which different perspective you take on that description.

Some of us can (and can’tthink, touch, hear, see, taste, or do just about anything. In most cases, we can do each of those things in more than one way…

The limit begins within yourself. Even if you can’t do a thing in the world at this moment, hopefully, you can think. If you can still think, you can still be creative (and happy).

When I say I hope you can think, you pretty much just need to be able to picture something in your head and bring it to life! When I was a kid, that kind of thinking meant… sticking my middle finger out and upwards and imagining it being a horse’s head while my other four fingers allowed “the horse” to gallop around. I didn’t have a toy horse to play with in the middle of class (where I suddenly had a hankering for horseback riding), so I doodled one first. It didn’t bring me enough entertainment on paper, I wanted to feel like I was interacting with a horse in some way, so… finger pony! It made me (and my classmates) laugh for a good while. In the end, I was satisfied because I did what I thought I couldn’t do: horsed around during school.

Can you stick your tongue out really far? Try catching (or juggling) some candy or food next time you’re doing your trick. Test how deep those creative waters run deep within you!

Do you set your loved one’s breakfast plate up in the shape of a smiley face? Did you forget a recipe you wanted to make, but ended up with something delicious made? Have you gotten so annoyed with a radio hit you’ve sung your own version of that song? Can you make stick figures dance with sticky notes?

All of these things, and so much more, point to creativity!

So, What About Cannabis?

Maybe you already knew you could do that awesome stuff. I’ll bet you did, actually. But, perhaps, you don’t harbor the desire or excitement to do them anymore. Are you wondering what to do about that?

  • Give it some time. Let your body and your being heal a bit, if they’re used to ingesting THC for sparks of creativity. Regardless of how long you smoked or nibbled on edibles, you need time to bounce back into your “normal” state of mind. (I use quotation marks mostly to invoke thoughts on the depth of that word).

A lot of us forget, but our bodies and psyches actually need to recover from a lot of things we enjoy if we don’t want our character to suffer. Sugar, cigarettes, coffee, bedroom boogies, and all those fun, possible addictions are things that take time for us to be okay without. (Or so we think).

If you’ve been used to enjoying 6 sodas a day for the last 6 years, it might take more than 7 hours to kick the habit and enjoy life without them again. That’s a silly comparison, but whether you’re fond of the carbonation or insane amounts of caffeine and sugar, you will likely experience cravings for sodas soon after exposure.

The longer you’ve been exposed to the drug of choice, the more patience you’ll need.

Cannabis, specifically, is seen as a pleasure drug. If you wish to remove marijuana from your life and retain your creativity, you will be likely to struggle with a temporary lack of passion. This is just because everything in your body is seeking more THC-induced happiness. When you fail to meet your body’s demands, it will attempt to create its own happiness drugs again. Remember all those signs saying ‘Do Not Feed the Geese?’…  those geese got angry when you ran out of bread and stuck around, didn’t they? Your body’s similar to those geese. It’ll be angry at first and chase you down for more ganja but it’ll live without it.

  • After you’ve given yourself some recovery time, get uncomfortable again. Watch new tricks to your favorite creative trade. Learn new tricks and trades, in general. Expose yourself to some of the creative projects you left lying around, half-baked. See what you do and don’t like with fresh eyes and think about what you could modify. Don’t allow yourself to modify it, start from scratch instead.

If you approach your outlet, old or new, with an open mind, you’re bound to walk away with something… You have the power to create something to put a smile back on your face and the light back in your life… and you can do it all without weed.
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