Relapse (Going Without Weed… Again)

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Relapse (Going Without Weed… Again)
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To relapse means to falter. In faltering, we stop moving forward and stumble a bit on our roads to recovery. Relapsing is common with drug use and also mental illness. By definition, to relapse means to stop in your tracks and embrace what you’ve managed to run away from, even if only temporarily. Don’t beat yourself up for this, though, as it is often a sign of healing. You wouldn’t relapse if you weren’t making any progress at all because you wouldn’t have managed to stop long enough for a relapse to be possible. Below, there are a few examples of what could have happened and where you can go from there to get back on the sobriety track!

Face-to-Face with a Weed Relapse

For first-time quitters, a relapse can easily become a very real obstacle. This reality doesn’t change, even if we’re not talking about weed. You’re quitting something you love, get real! Who hasn’t had a moment of weakness at some point? But what brings us to that point in the first place?


Was it tension, anxiety, and the whole holding pattern of wondering “what if…?” Did we begin to doubt our abilities? Did we develop a fear of letting ourselves (or anyone else, for that matter) down?


“Where do I go from here?” “What is my next option?” “Do I try to go the clinical route and sit in one of those ugly, wallpapered rooms, and talk to someone that claims they know my story?”


Sometimes the hard work doesn’t appear to pay off and that leaves you in a not-so-black-and-white area, wondering what to try next. Your mind may have raced quickly off-track the moment it detected an obstacle, and that’s okay. You can still re-enter the race.


Still, there are those dirty, little side effects from withdrawal that could sneak back onto the path and steer us in the wrong direction again. (The most difficult ones to face seem to be the intense cravings and loss of desire…)


Aren’t there people out there to help with this kind of thing? People with long, flowing, white coats that like to stick icy metal on your cold, bare skin? Yes, there are, as a matter of fact! If you need medical or clinical help, then so be it! No shame in your needs.

Make it Worth it (for Yourself)!


What better moment than now? Can you think about what you really want out of life, or have you been in too much of a daze? I mean, we ended back up here for a reason, didn’t we?


Did we not feel well-supported? Did we slip and allow ourselves to turn a blind eye to our own actions (only “a time or two”) before claiming to have relapsed?


No matter how graceful we like to think we are, many of us stumble around a couple times in life. Stumbling off the path every now and again might lead you to an obscure place that you wouldn’t dare have ventured before. Some of those places can be good…some aren’t so great… but it’s all about what you make of and take from it.


We have to set goals and rewards that make our brains believe the action of quitting the habit is worth the temporary heartache.
Some us are quick to fall back into that deep, depressive state that we hate. It would appear we are helpless in preventing its arrival, but we don’t have to welcome it into our homes with open arms anymore. We need to set new goals to work towards and trigger the reward center in our brains to focus elsewhere!


Now it is time to get serious… it’s time to dredge up whatever reserves you have left of will-power. That may sound scary at first, but let’s make it less intimidating. Instead of getting serious about quitting weed, maybe you should get serious about scheduling that super-overdue vacation. Instead of running away from weed, run into the arms of exercise and expression. It’s time to get serious about loving ourselves and our lives again! 


Weed makes it easy for anyone to be selfish and lazy. When you’re stoned, you’re mellow and entitled to that buzz, how dare anyone harsh it! Notice how selfish that is? Have you ever avoided serious conversation just to enjoy your high longer? When we notice those characteristics within ourselves, we tend to get disgusted… so we’re finally getting serious enough to do something about it!


I will not smoke, I will not smoke, I will not smoke…” We can say this a million times a day to ourselves if it makes quitting easier. We must realize that this isn’t going to be easy, but this is your second chance. Yes, it is so easy to just give in, but we both know (by now, hopefully) that the lesser of two evils is still evil… So you have to admit to yourself that you failed, just this once. That way you can jump over that hurdle like nobody’s business. You have to be able to accept failure but also keep courage so that in the end you can say “I made it!


Time to Think About Your Strategy

One of the scariest issues we have to face (again) is withdrawal. It doesn’t matter if the substance in and of itself isn’t addictive. We become addicted to simple things, even watching TV can be addictive. You may find it hard to focus on your school work because you’re thinking about what the newest episode of you favorite show will feature. Those are withdrawals! Weird, huh? Your mind and your body are craving what you’ve allowed to remain absent. (What you’ve exposed them to and suddenly taken them away from.)

These feelings shouldn’t stick around for too long, a business week at max, for most people who are occupied with new goals and purpose. So, if you feel the need to do it alone, get battle-ready. It’ll be tough, but think about how sweet it’ll be in the end.

There are many roads you can take to get where you’re going. It’s all about choosing the right one for you. For those of you that like your privacy, the program offered here is a wonderful and affordable solution!
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