Bad Weed

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What is Bad Weed?
bad weed stash

Schwag. If you’re a chronic weed smoker, you probably understand that “schwag” is now considered bad weed… but it isn’t always the worst. It actually used to be pretty popular, especially when the economy was a bit worse. To keep it simple, there are usually 3 main types of weed: schwag (AKA reg, reggie, regular), mids (gets you higher than low-grade weed, but still contain seeds), and dank (AKA hydroponic weed, dro, skunk, medicinal).

Just a few years back, it was common around here to find schwag and mids. You could holler for weed and someone usually had one of the two kinds… pretty cheap, too! If you’re familiar with street prices for weed, you know how much cheaper schwag is than dro. Per gram, reg cost around $5, mids cost around $10, and dro was about $20.

People that smoke pretty often can easily go through 3.5 – 7 grams of weed a week, if not more! Have you started calculating those costs? It isn’t pretty. Some people are nice enough to cut deals, but many will let you pay the full retail value. Chances are, if you’re getting dro, you don’t mind.

Many people enjoy dank buds the most. Why? Because they’re usually packed full of THC and don’t taste as questionable as its counterparts. Now that weed is legal in some places, dank buds and medicinal marijuana are best friends. A few people believe in their hydroponic weed so much that they’re willing to sell it for medicinal prices, along with describing it to be legitimate medicine… but anyway, we’re trying to figure out what bad weed is! I just wanted to give you an idea of what all weed costs and is called.

What Makes Weed Bad?
bad weed spider mite

Other than schwag weed having plenty of stems and seeds, it isn’t always bad. I’m factoring in its smokeability, though. If you can smoke it without being reminded of poop in a pasture or dried mud on the bottom of your shoe, the schwag isn’t that bad. It should still get you high, it just might take a little more, so you may not want to share so much!

How can we tell when weed is bad? Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to be able to see it. If you really know your weed (which you should, since you’re inhaling its smoke), you can spot superficial abnormalities fairly easily. Sometimes, you won’t know until it’s lit.

Things You Can Spot in Bad Weed

At the top of this post is a picture of consumer-ready weed. That weed looks pretty normal, doesn’t it? It is! Maybe a little dry-looking, but normal. The picture right above this subsection features a spider mite. These critters are responsible for causing cannabis-growers to have nightmares. They like to eat the leaves of marijuana plants and form webs around the flowers (buds). If someone is a newbie grower, they might not realize they have an infestation of these, and sell you weed to smoke with mites in it. This won’t necessarily harm you, but it is pretty gross. Check your bud for webby-structures or little black creatures running rampant on it.

Aspergillus is something you really need to look out for on marijuana. It can cause lung disorders when smoked because you’re inhaling a fungus. I don’t know if you ever went to an old school that had issues with mold like I did, but I learned how harmful mold can be to our bodies and lungs that way! If the mold is toxic enough, just being in the same room with it can cause major health issues. With aspergillus, you shouldn’t experience extreme issues as long as you’re healthy. If your immune system is weak, you should definitely go to a doctor if you’ve ingested mold.

My main tip is this… if you buy weed, regardless of where it came from, examine it! We’re typically pleased with sticky, crystally weed. Sometimes those crystals we crave have a lack of color, or whiteness, about them. This is normal and fine, usually, but beware. When weed has been over sprayed, mold can form. These molds can look similar to those fuzzy, little crystals we like to see. If you’ve ever seen mold on food, you’ve surely noticed its slightly webbed appearance. This web-like appearance will help you differentiate between good and bad weed. (Be most cautious when buying strains like White Widow, since they’re usually white-ish in color to begin with).

The Stuff We Can’t See…

If you can’t see anything physically wrong with your weed, don’t assume it’s safe yet. We still need to test the waters. Sometimes weed can look awesome and actually be horrible.

Unless you’re new to smoking, you probably have a dependable dispensary or dealer. That’s awesome. If you don’t, and you must keep buying weed, learn as much as you can about where it’s coming from and who touches it. I don’t suggest buying weed from strangers… this may seem like a “duh” thing, but it can be tempting sometimes. Strange, shady people are more willing to sell you schwag for dro prices. You may even get stuck with a moldy batch or a nug laced with something.

It’s usually expensive to lace weed with anything, so your chances of being drugged like that are small compared to your chances of encountering mold or mites. That’s not to say it never has and never will happen again. I’ve known a lot of people to lace their own weed with their pain medication or cocaine in the past. In scarier circumstances, some may even enjoy lacing weed with PCP! That’s some scary stuff and used to happen a lot a few decades back… but you want to know the easiest way to avoid it?

Say no to shady weed! Or weed, in general. If that’s not possible, please smell your weed before you smoke it. If it smells funky, it probably is. If you light it and it smells foul or “off,” don’t inhale it. Some people forget to properly flush their crops before distributing them and you could be smoking pesticides and fertilizer.

In today’s age, unless you’ve paid high dollar for your weed and worry it could be laced, you mostly need to look out for mold, mites, and stinky (in a bad way) weed. If it smells or tastes like chemicals, set it down. I suggest going to a credible dispensary recommended by your doctor instead of the weed guy down the street. Actually, I suggest taking control of your life and not putting yourself at risk anymore, at all! Good luck to you!

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