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Cannabis: the Helpful Medicine Turned into a Crippling Crutch

The more we dance with Mary Jane, the more dependent our minds, bodies, and souls become on her. You are among many people in the world seeking sincere advice on how to stop smoking weed. We understand how difficult it can be to let go of something that seems so wonderful, whether you wish to quit for good or just for a while…


Maybe you’re getting a new job. Could you’ve started dating someone new? Perhaps you’ve discovered that your lungs can’t keep up with you anymore. Could it be that you’ve lost your desire, drive, and determination? Possibly, you’ve been placed under legal supervision. Did you have a child and don’t wish to have THC in your breast-milk? Maybe you don’t want to quit smoking every day yet and are still waiting to be convinced.


Regardless of what has brought you here, you have decided to make a change within yourself!


We’re proud of you for that fact! It takes a lot of courage to seek help; for us it did, anyway!


We want to help you help yourself in your time of need. We are not here to judge you. It doesn’t matter if you are concerned about someone else, you’ve relapsed, you’re a chronic weed smoker, or you just want to know you’re not alone in addiction…


We have the ability to help you regain your independence!


We wish to give you the informational tools and power to move past the negativity of chronic weed smoking in order to restore your livelihood!


If you aren’t a chronic smoker and you quit smoking now, you may have the chance to avoid any permanent damage to your body and brain!


($)($)Whether you’ve been smoking weed every day for as long as you remember or barely know how to smoke weed, your body would benefit from a detox. To give up the ganja with confidence and full support, click here.

Invigorate Your Intelligence with Information!

Is Marijuana Addictive?

You may be shaking your head and thinking we're silly.Before we realized how dependent on marijuana we were, we did the same thing.


Most of us assume that if you don't have "the shakes," aren't scratching yourself, robbing people, or selling anything you can, that you're not addicted to something. This is so not true and we are silly if we believe addicts can't be secretive and highly intelligent!


In fact, a large number of suffering addicts have high IQs, loving friends and family, dream jobs, and seemingly stable lives!


We understand that many addictions start from within and should be addressed from the inside out. We don't want you to find partial help, we want to help you become your ideal you.


It's easy to become addicted to something when you can't find a truly concerned, helping hand to reach out for in times of loneliness or confusion.


Addictions can fool us into thinking they're as comforting as a loving touch to those who feel misunderstood.


Pot, especially the act of smoking it socially, definitely has the potential to be addictive. Caffeine, nicotine, love, "hard" drugs, adrenaline, the physical act of doing things, etc, can all be addictive.


If you look the definition of addiction up, you'll find the word dependency associated closely with it.


Can't seem to wake up without coffee? Have you wondered if you're addicted to caffeine? If you cannot seem to have an "okay day" without it, your brain has probably grown dependent on caffeine to wake itself up.


Having to fire up a hog leg to relieve the stress from your work day? It's possible you're dependent on the properties in pot that help to increase your happiness.


Maybe you smoke and don't enjoy the taste of the smoke or the physical effects, but perhaps you do enjoy the feelings of elation and security that tend to go along with a good smoke session..


What if we told you that you've mostly become dependent on the physical act of placing the combination of THC and smoke into your body so your brain believes you're feeling better?You've been giving in to cravings for comfort!


If you're capable of feeling that happy when you're high, you most definitely can be happy in a life without smoking weed!


All you need to set the joint down for good is the motivation, proper education, and helpful tools. Click here to jump to the quit weed kit

Symptoms of Weed Withdrawal

Regardless of the substance, withdrawal symptoms can include, but aren't limited to:

  1. Aches
  2. Anxiety
  3. Appetite swings
  4. Confusion
  5. Cravings
  6. Depersonalization
  7. Depression
  8. Dizziness
  9. Frustration
  10. Grogginess
  11. Insomnia
  12. Manic mood swings
  13. Nausea
  14. Sweating

As we had discussed before, the withdrawal symptoms will subside after a week or two, for most heavy smokers. Find a new hobby or favorite exercise in the meantime! Help your brain learn to find happiness without weed again.


Get genuine help to quit smoking weed today from a concerned support team!

Dependency and Withdrawals

    • When one becomes dependent on something (or someone) they begin to seek the object of desire more often.


    • The urge to seek out this newly craved substance tends to begin affecting the victim's emotional state.


    • If the object is obtained enough (or the victim becomes too upset after not being able to obtain the object again) the person's character suffers along with the body.


    • If the person can no longer imagine life without the person or substance they may have become addicted


    • If you find yourself getting uncomfortable throughout the day and (sometimes desperately) seek a "fix," you may be suffering from withdrawals.


    • Whether you deal with mental, physical, or a combination of withdrawals, they're uncomfortable!


♥Pot & Pleasure?♥

So many different addictions start from anxiety, pleasure, passion, or the "need" for a purpose. Crazy, right? Not at all! Not everyone reacts the same to everything so that feeling will be triggered by different things for different folks.


Pleasure can include many things, such as the feelings of comfort, relief, and release. Excitement can be something such as an electrical surge, mental, or physical arousal. Passion encourages creativity and self-expression.


These can be voluntary or involuntary responses.


A subconscious or conscious decision is then made to like or dislike the stimuli. A pleasurable rush results in "like" and a negative rush results in "dislike" or fear. To keep things simple, our stimulus in this seemingly-pleasurable instance is cannabis.


Having a better understanding of pleasure now, think to the first rip off a bong you took.


If you know how to smoke pot, you know you would've inhaled that first hit. Even if you hadn't smoked before, you probably noticed the way the smoke entered your mouth, sharply hit your throat, went barreling down into your lungs, and how it felt coming out. If the first toke didn't please you, by the second or third hit, you probably felt some "positive tingling" slowly begin to fill your headspace.


The tingling probably felt similar to an internal cloud of happiness trapped in your head. You could've been mid-argument, took a toke, and forgot all about the negative energy around and coming from within you.


Hoping to "feel better" by getting stoned is one of the reasons it can be so incredibly hard to quit smoking! If you didn't experience any health or paranoia issues, you probably felt happy (or at least more comfortable) after smoking. If you struggled with social anxiety or depression, you probably felt relieved and more open... but for how long?!

THC-Free Baby & Me

We can try to convince ourselves otherwise, but the fact of the matter is:we don't really "know" anything about anyone that isn't ourselves!


For any of you out there considering conceiving and quitting for the child's benefit, please do so today with us!


If we can't place ourselves in our baby's body and brain, how can we truly know the effect of pot on pregnancy?


Of course, we do have fancy equipment and doctors keeping us as up-to-dateon all of that as they can, but really… think about it. While we may have verified results that babies seem to fair well during pregnancy with and without ganja, why risk it? If your only answer to that is "because I want it," think about what your baby would like.


The likelihood of your child shaming you for pregnancy (pot) smoking is small, but you can easily avoid that possibility by quitting weed before you conceive.


You don't want to be sitting with your child at their physician's office, worrying that an earache or mental issue is in part due to your smoking habit, do you?!


Treating your (or your wife's) entire body like it's the most beautiful, delicate flower on earth is what your baby would probably want before it got here.


Exposing a pollinated flower to smoke could wilt it before its true beauty can be seen. Your baby's undeveloped brain is a good image to replace the delicate flower with.


If your kid ever wants to get blitzed, let that be his or her own decision.Don't force things upon them if they don't need them to thrive and grow. Even if you stopped smoking a few days before your baby's birth, there would still probably be THC in your breastmilk! Not only would you have exposed your fetus to your favorite funky cloud in your belly, you would be feeding them the leftovers of your smoke sessions if you breastfed them, too.


Maybe you like strawberry jelly on your PB&Js and maybe they'll like grape jelly. Let them live and decide on their own, and kick the kush habit today!

Woes of Weed

Dangerously Dazed?

Marijuana is not legal in every state or country. Even in the areas it is, it's not usually legal to operate a vehicle or be in public while under the influence. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?


Though weed isn't as dangerous as alcohol since it doesn't make most people violent, it does inspire many to "playfully" do dangerous things, oblivious to any consequences.


This "dangerous inspiration" may lead someone who can't stop laughing to operate a vehicle and get groceries because they simply must have a munchie-meal.


While you won't likely see an aggressive, high driver, you will probably catch a distracted one.. because, well, the scenery, music, and (internal or external) conversation is just too awesome for them to ignore.


(They can't watch out for crazy drivers if they're counting all the pretty butterflies passing by!)


This highly sought-after plant can slow you down in several ways... You may find it harder to focus on homework, not easy to find and keep a job, have difficulty remembering your sister's boyfriend's mom's name, or find yourself coughing after every hit you take to get high... While some peoples' appetites increase, yours may decrease.


You may have stopped understanding why something is so funny to you, which ends up confusing you.


Your brain is now covered in a smoke fog and just needs a little help airing itself out!


Is a Doobie Worth Dumb Trouble?


We won't try to convince you that nothing good can come from a once-in-a-blue-moon smoking session, but is the act of smoking weed worth it? Is it worth getting arrested in areas it's illegal? Is pot worth going to prison or losing your babies?


While it may occasionally trigger the pleasure and passion parts of your brain, chronic smoking will cloud your head. You will eventually begin to feel worse than you did before you found pot if you deal with depression.


Our bodies like to be independent parts of a whole, so depending on any unnecessary substances will eventually weigh more than they're worth.


You may not immediately feel a harmful physical effect from smoking. Chronic smoking will likely cause you to wake up one day hacking up an uncomfortable amount of phlegm.


Have you ever been frustrated that you couldn't get your hands on any to smoke?


Your brain was upset that you were depriving it of its newfound pleasure and chemical intake! It wanted or wants more because it has adapted to allowing it inside, making you want it more and more. It's a little easier to see why so many people become addicted to pain medicines now, isn't it?

Grouchy without Ganja?

Being high made it so easy to smile and interact with the people around you compared to when you were sober. You no longer had to turn down invitations to hang out with people because suddenly you didn't hate them anymore.


You quickly became such a big fan that you found a stoner circle to join so you could smoke any time you wanted (or suddenly...needed?)


Depending on how often you began to smoke, you probably began to feel like you couldn't do or enjoy those activities and people again at all without weed (not that you minded at first).


Maybe it wasn't until your moods started swinging, you wept over your wallet, or you got pulled over with smoke rolling out of your car that you realized how invested in smoking you became.


It might've even taken calling every stoner friend in your contacts hoping to find your favorite, fluffy friend to no avail.


That, my friends, is part of the mental involvement of pot addiction.



Why It's Best Not to Burn Blunts

We can't deny that ganja can be good for you, but is smoking really the thing to do?


Absolutely not!


The tiny little hairlike fibers in our lungs are affected by smoking both cigarettes and weed. Long-term cigarette smoking is cause for a difficult lung-healing process. Long-term weed smoking can cause tar to coat those fibers as well, but won't take nearly as long to loosen up.


If you can't imagine not smoking at all but don't want to hurt your lungs anymore, vaporizing is a "safer" method for you.


Endless research and statistics continue releasing every day, weighing the pros and cons for consuming pot. Information on the beautiful, green plant commonly known as cannabis shows that there are plenty of positive aspects for legal, responsible use of the pot plant. There are "safer than smoking" options such as enjoyable edibles, drinks for "daze", tinctures, and topicals. If you can't imagine your life without any form of marijuana, consider one of those options instead of smoking...


Or take the safest step and CLICK HERE to learn how to LET YOUR LUNGS FEEL YOUNG AGAIN!

Inexplicable Awe: the Cure-All?

Did you feel satisfaction and excitement surge through your body as well as your mind when you first got stoned? Did you catch yourself humming along perfectly to a song you didn't know very well?


If you didn't bust a move after your first hit, did you feel "tingly" mentally and/or physically? That was a signal to your brain letting you know you liked something about it very much! It probably wanted more, too!


Maybe you could compare it to the first time you noticed you had a crush on someone. Sure they smelled a little weird and made you cough, but they were cute, right?


We can start working on ourselves and finding beauty in everyday life and things!


Let's work together to find a new passion for you in life!

Is it Sweeter to Smoke Spliffs or Split & Feel Legit?

If it is understood that you are interested in cannabis and you are not disliked by anyone involved, you are accepted into the smoking circle and community.


Anxiety and depression are some of the larger monsters in many peoples' brains, but they're not the only ones to blame. The sometimes insatiable desire to be accepted by someone can be just as torturous to your brain and even your body.


One could argue that they've never wanted to "fit in," but if they're in touch with their human nature, they might actually feel differently, and very strongly.


We generally want to be accepted and admired by our fellow human beings; we just can't help it.


You can feel important and incredibly motivated again if you quit weed!


If nothing else convinces you, chronic weed smokers, imagine being motivated to leap through live life again!


Imagine not having to try to pry your eyelids apart in order to feel awake. Most importantly, imagine breathing and speaking without needing to cough or blow out any more smoke!


Everyone will be more willing to listen to what you have to say and this can help you feel like your words have worth again.


If you decide to quit rolling spliffs, you can feel legit by being able to jog longer, hold your breath underwater easier, make fewer mistakes on your pieces of art, and not worry about getting arrested anymore.

Make Quitting Easier by Loving Yourself Harder!

While it is great to be liked by new people, we shouldn't depend on acceptance by others for self-validation... Are you and your loved one starting to understand where we're going with this now?!


Live life on a natural high produced from greater self-love!


Why did you feel the need to be happier or accepted in the first place? Was it because of stress, trauma, lack of something (such as passion, creativity, joy), to impress or rebel against someone, or to better understand your surroundings and yourself?


Any of those influencing factors (and more) could have caused you to depend on marijuana.


Things that give us extreme pleasure can cause emotional dependency which can then turn into an addiction. Jolly green ganja is no exception. We don't usually become addicted to things we don't like or think we like!


It can be hard to love ourselves as active addicts, but someone has to in order for us to move forward.


You shouldn't dislike yourself if you've ever tried to move past an addiction and failed!


If you wish to help your body, mind, family, friends, and anyone else affected by your addiction, never give up hope!


We have an incredible support group for you; you will not fight this battle alone!

Unable to Feel Stable Enough to Move Forward?

Have you ever sat around and daydreamed while you were high? Have you thought of all the cool beach our mountaintop homes you'd like to own and how many hog legs you'd smoke in and around them?! Have you been able to take any steps in that direction while you've been ripping a toke of reefer? If so, then congratulations!


I can't imagine trying to talk a tropic-dwelling millionaire into dropping the dope... but that's because they're already established folk!


A lot of wealthy smokers say they're happiest when they're high and won't entertain the idea of quitting smoking weed. Is this true for you? When you make your argument, compare your social class scales to those of your favorite stoner. Did theyclimb their way to the top before they stopped to stay high? More often than not, the answer to that is yes.


Your brain may have needed one boost (your first smoke session) in order to understand why bad things happen to good people. Don't keep smoking it in order to keep relearning the same thing. If you do, you're on the track to serotonin syndrome! Ever heard that too much of a good thing isn't a good thing?


For many of us, it's very hard to maintain a sense of stability, or balance, in life. This is made much more obvious to us once we have experienced the serendipity of increased serotonin levels. Once exposed to such high levels of happiness, it's hard to come down. (All puns intended).


If the neurotransmitters in your brain enjoyed the effects of smoking pot, you're going to want to do it again. The real power is knowing when to stop, especially if you aren't very far in life yet. When you can't stop, it's harder to be productive. You know what that means, right? You aren't as likely to be as successful as your favorite celebrity if you can't control your habit!


Just like weed weighs your mind down, you won't remain physically fit if you eat too much of your favorite food. You can't remain mentally fit if you continue to constantly cloud your head. One puff every now and then (if it's legal) and you can't stay away, maybe. But unless you're getting paid to sit around and get high all day every day, you're heading towards disaster if you're already picking up that habit.


If you're halfway to where you hoped you'd be, don't get so high you get too comfortable to move! You want to keep your reflexes sharp, your mind focused, and your whole core somewhat centered. Being too happy (by being too high) is only going to prevent that.

You're Always Changing (So a Detox isn't Dreadful)

When you’re going through the process of ridding your system of the THC packed inside, you’ll be changing. But, on the bright side, you’ve got the strength to fight a battle you probably didn’t foresee in your childhood!


If you’re still aspiring to be an astronaut or some kind of (similar) alternative, you can still be a game changer. Ganja doesn’t have to win! Just set it down, detox, and do things you need to do. When you were growing up, you wanted change; why be so resistant now? With addiction, we have the tendency to be secretive. In many cases then, you can deal with detoxifying your body of certain chemicals in private, can’t you?! Granted, if you’re pretty deep in addiction’s depths, seek as much help as you need! We’re not doctors, we’re just humans who wanted to change our decision to have too much fun!


($)($)Your decision to detox doesn’t have to be too torturous for you to have an effective experience (trust us — it’s effective).($)($)


If you have spare time (which does seem rare when we’re young), set a weekend aside. Instead of going out with the guys or gals, grab our kit and pencil in a date with it and yourself.


What lovely things could you do now that you’ve realized how caught up in your need to be high you were? Your mind can focus on something else for a change! For one of us, we detoxed and dreamt of success again. The weed wasn’t going to stop us in our tracks from progressing towards positive career changes! We were able to focus much more on our work, families, and personal lives for once.


You can get back in touch with nature completely sober, which will kind of force your body to reawaken from its daze.

Sleeping Without Sparking Up

The idea of sleeping without some sort of medicinal aid coursing through your system may be scary at first (because — nightmares, duh!)… but don’t scream yet!


When you’re learning what it’s like to be without weed again, you can learn what types of music soothe your soul. While it may not be scientifically proven to always be healthy to sleep with sound, perhaps this transition could be an exception! There are so many comforting playlists composed of nothing but heartbeats, tidal waves, and raindrops. We all know and love many of those, especially during massages. Now, there are people working on creating the perfect playlists for many personalities! ADHD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, schizophrenia, addiction, you name it, there’s probably (or soon will be) a profoundly soothing sound to help tame it. There are already good quitting weed playlists begging for your attention, actually.


If you can’t stand the idea of sleeping with sound, turn off your electronics a good while before bed. Focus on healing your spirit from the damage you’ve unintentionally done to it. You can easily do this during your detox after sleeping and working on your new goals the following day.